Since 2015 our group serves as a magickal community space where you can truly belong, surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand and celebrate the diversity of witchcraft traditions, cultures, age groups, and gender identities. We firmly believe that everyone has a place in our community, and our mission is to build an inclusive haven where all witches, pagans & mystics can thrive.

To nurture this sense of belonging, we organize a variety of engaging activities. Each month, we host community events that bring us closer, fostering connections and sparking inspiration. Additionally, we run an enriching book club, delving into fascinating texts that deepen our understanding of the craft. And to support your personal and spiritual growth, we offer educational workshops that empower you with new knowledge and skills.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise funds to create and sustain a brick & mortar community location where we can offer community events & workshops as well as offer a space for spiritual growth and education for those seeking connection.

The location will be a space for classes, meetups, workshops, ritual, crafting, vending and more! We will also welcome other local community groups & members to use our space so this can truly be a place for everyone in the Las Vegas magickal & metaphysical community!

This is a community project so we are reaching out to you ,the community, for support to bring this vision to reality! If we can get your support we will create something truly magickal for all of us.

What we need to get this project rolling:

We need to secure a suitable location centrally located
We need all appropriate permits & licenses
We will need furnishings & decor
Utilities Setup

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to open our doors and roll out. We also need to secure monthly support from the community to sustain & grow through monthly membership plans and space rentals.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Even if you just can’t contribute financially, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:
  • Please share this campaign weekly or daily
  • We will need things and will post an amazon wishlist for those who would like to donate that way.
  • We will also need volunteers & help getting settled into our space.
  • Please offer anything tangible or intangible that you are led to.
  • We gratefully welcome donations of time and energy for the community as well!
  • Monthly support is also appreciated to help us stay afloat we have created a Patreon and other ways to support this community project.