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Sin City Witches

Brightest Blessings and welcome to the Sin City Witches website. We are a social and educational group located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are not a coven but an inclusive circle open to witches, wiccans, pagans and magickal practioners who practice as solitaries or those who belong to other groups – We provide a safe place for seekers and seasoned practioners to connect and grow at safe fun public events. Our group is a space where you belong and we hope it will help you find your witch tribe.  Our mission is and always will be to build an inclusive community for witches from all traditions, cultures, age groups and gender identities. We host monthly community events, run a book club and conduct educational workshops to help unify and educate our growing community.  Please join us online or at live events anytime and find your witch tribe! We welcome all seekers and the curious as well.

  • Social and educational group for witches from any tradition or experience level.
  • Initiates and Solitary Witches are welcome!
  • We are proud allies of the LGBTQ community.

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Eclectic Witchcraft Mentorship & Support Group

Online Program For Witches of Any Skill Level from Any Tradition


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