Marissa DiAradia Sin City Witch

Marissa DiAradia “Sin City Witch”

Witch, Priestess, Organizer, Energy Healer, Magickal Mentor, Occultist, Astrologer, Psychic & LifeCoach

Marissa is an ordained eclectic pagan priestess, dedicated witch and occultist who has folk magick and metaphysical study, on each side of her family tree. As a firm believer in karma and all that represents she has chosen her path with care based on these principles. Spending many years as a solitary of the craft & pagan practice she has had the opportunity to fine tune her spirituality based on an eclectic variety of mystic practices. She prides herself in acceptance of all beliefs even those that differ from her own. Her practice has a strong leaning toward Wicca but her personal path incorporates a blend of Folk Magick, Witchcraft & misc. pagan practices. Her accumulated knowledge is vast and diverse and touches on many Magickal systems. She truly feels you need to find what works best for you and develop your Magick based on knowledge, respect, ancestry and personal preference. Marissa practices the art, science & religion of pagan based theistic witchcraft.

Marissa DiAradia is a certified Spiritual Life Coach with additional training in several alternative healing modalities. ​She is also a pagan priestess and dedicated witch with an eclectic path spanning most of her adult life. She has truly been a lifelong student of the esoteric arts. She takes great joy in sharing the wisdom she has received with her clients & pupils.
​Marissa has been blessed with the natural gifts of spiritual healing, channeling and psychic intuitive abilities. She works to help troubled souls find peace and transcendence. She has been a professional spiritual advisor since 1998 with clients spanning the globe.

In 2015 Marissa moved to Las Nevada and created “Sin City Witches” a social educational group for witches & pagans of all traditions. The group was formed to help local pagans & witches find community and educational resources in the Las Vegas Area. The group conducts weekly meetups and other gatherings throughout the year.

Founder of Sin City Witches 2015
Member of the Pagan Pride Las Vegas Project planning committee

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