Date & Time: The spellwork is most potent when performed on the New Moon in Gemini

Theme: Embracing New Beginnings, Personal Growth, and Harmonious Relationships


Sacred Space Setup:

Altar Decorations: Twin candles (representing Gemini), yellow flowers, feathers, and a journal.
Crystals: Citrine (clarity and decision-making), Agate (balance and harmony), and Moonstone (new beginnings).
Incense: Lavender (calming) and Sandalwood (grounding).


Yellow and blue candles
A small mirror
A pen and parchment
A piece of rose quartz
Essential oils (lemon for focus, rose for love)

Spell 1: Clarity & Decision Making

Objective: To clear the mind and gain insight into the best path forward.


Yellow candle
Citrine crystal
Lavender incense

Cast Your Circle: Call upon the elements to protect and empower your space.

Light the Candle and Incense: Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Hold the Citrine: Visualize the light of the New Moon filling your mind with clarity.

“Moon of Gemini, clear my sight,
Show the path that’s just and right.
With open mind and heart so true,
Guide my way, all fresh and new.”

Meditate: Focus on your goals and let any insights flow.

Close the Circle: Thank the elements and extinguish the candle.

Spell 2: Harmonious Relationships

Objective: To invite harmony, love, and better relationships into your life.


Blue candle
Rose quartz
Rose essential oil

Anoint the Candle: Dress the blue candle with rose essential oil.

Hold the Rose Quartz: Feel its loving energy.

Light the Candle: Visualize a harmonious aura surrounding you and your loved ones.

Mirror Affirmation:

Look into the mirror and say:
“With love’s light, I draw you near,
Harmonious bonds, sincere and clear.
As this flame burns bright and true,
Love and peace come into view.”

Place the Quartz: Leave the rose quartz on your altar to continue drawing harmony.

Close the Circle: Thank the elements and let the candle burn out safely.

Spell 3: Releasing Fear & Embracing Empowerment

Objective: To release fears and insecurities, empowering yourself to embrace new opportunities.


Black candle (for banishing)
White candle (for purity and new beginnings)
Agate crystal
Lemon essential oil


Light the Black Candle: Focus on what fears or insecurities you want to release.

“By dark of moon, I release my fear,
No longer shall it linger here.
As this flame fades, so does the hold,
Of doubts and shadows, old and cold.”

Blow Out the Black Candle: Envision the fear dissipating with the smoke.

Light the White Candle: Anoint with lemon oil for fresh beginnings.

Hold the Agate: Feel its balancing energy.

“New moon’s light, pure and bright,
Fill me with your power and might.
Opportunities I now embrace,
With courage, I find my place.”

Meditate: Focus on the empowering energy filling you.

Close the Circle: Thank the elements and allow the white candle to burn out safely.

Post-Ritual Reflection:

Journal Prompt:

Write about the insights, feelings, and experiences during your rituals. How do you feel about the new opportunities and relationships?
Daily Practice: Carry a small piece of citrine or rose quartz as a reminder of your intentions and the New Moon’s energy.

Blessed be, and may the New Moon in Gemini bring you clarity, harmony, and empowered new beginnings!