Sanctuary of SolaceA close-knit circle of devotees of Sekhmet has united with a shared vision: to establish a vibrant and inclusive community centered around the Goddess, here in Las Vegas. Recognizing the absence of a Goddess Temple of this nature in the area, the aspiration to create a haven of solace has blossomed into the Sanctuary of Solace.

Diversity and inclusivity lie at the heart of the Sanctuary of Solace (SoS), ensuring that no individual is excluded from any role within the community, including rituals and leadership responsibilities. This devotion to encompassing all perspectives resonates strongly with the core principles of Sekhmet worship.

High Priestess Laurelinn, known as Donna Mead, stands as an embodiment of this union. As an initiated 1st and 2nd degree Wiccan, Laurelinn’s spiritual journey spans over three decades. Her commitment extends to her ordination as a Priestess of Sekhmet, a journey that culminated through the Ordination Program at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality. Having held a prominent role as a resident Priestess at the Temple, Laurelinn now forges a new path alongside Naheem and Novaembre in forming the Sanctuary of Solace. This newfound community embodies the open invitation to all, welcoming diverse forms of Sekhmet worship.

Priestess Novaembre, also known as Candace Kant, Ph.D., has dedicated her life to academia, particularly history, women’s studies, and religious studies. With a treasure trove of degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Northern Arizona University, she embarked on a teaching journey at the College of Southern Nevada since 1976. Novaembre’s profound connection to Sekhmet led to her ordination at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality in 2003. As a pivotal member of the temple, she lent her wisdom as a priestess for 14 years. Her retirement from academia has not marked the end of her devotion; instead, she assumes the role of a founding Priestess at the Sanctuary of Solace.

Among the pioneers of this visionary community is Priest Naheem, also known as Edmond Costello. Breaking barriers, he achieved the unique distinction of completing the Ordination Program at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, guided by Priestess Candace Ross. His role as the first male to complete this program speaks to his commitment and determination. Naheem’s dynamic engagement at the Temple of Spirituality has contributed significantly to the fabric of the community. Youthful and enthusiastic, he embodies both a thirst for knowledge and unwavering leadership qualities, which he now channels into nurturing the Sanctuary of Solace.

Together, these three dedicated individuals form the foundation of the Sanctuary of Solace, a vibrant and all-encompassing community where Sekhmet’s spirit thrives, embracing diverse forms of worship and fostering unity among all who seek solace in her presence.